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Your SME, VSE or start-up is looking for solutions to reach objectives or solve a specific problem (financial, HR, operational, …)

You feel isolated as an independent or as a manager ? You wish to find a reliable person able to reply to your questions or to clear away your doubts ?

Expert in a changing international and complicated environment, we propose individual and flexible counsels, adapted to your needs :

Fields of activities

Assistance to contractors & SME managers

You are managing a SME or a VSE ? Are you maybe launching a start-up ? You have ambitions for your company, wish to innovate or improve your performances ? Your time is precious ...

Take advantage from a SME manager’s experience ! Contrary to a usual consultant, we suggest a flexible and personalised assistance.

Explain to us your questions or objectives, and we will help you to take relevant and pragmatic decisions when you really need it.

We bring a new look and an original solution to various fields of activity, such as :

  • Commercial & financial strategy (international prospection, increase of the turnover, development projects, ...)
  • Transformation projects (merging, reorganization, change of business model, ...)
  • HR management, including in slump period (staff management depending on the turnover, restructuration, ...)
  • Improvement of the operational performance (automatization of processes, management & production optimization, ...)
  • Analysis and risks anticipation (threats and market opportunities, risks management, activity perennity, ...)

Ask an advise for the management and the development of your company !

Administrative support to the companies

You need an administrative support, on a flexible and temporary basis ? Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy secretary ?

We shall put you in contact with the right person !

This person will be able to do the following for you :

  • Secretarial duties & multilingual translations (French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish)
  • Professional and personalised organization of your business travels and journeys
  • Customers’ invoicing and reminders for payments
  • Getting in contact with customers and/or suppliers
  • Administrative support
  • Purchase of office supplies
  • Wording of meeting reports, ...

Contact us for any administrative support you need !

Technical support for conception and manufacture of heat exchangers

Are you working in the industrial cooling world and thermal exchange ? Are you aware that this environment is complicated, moving and implies competition ?

Thanks to a solid experience in conception and industrialization of heat exchangers acquired in a world leader on international markets, we can provide our keen knowledge on the stakes, technical matters and problems of this specific sector.

Contact us to have your technical performances optimised !

Commercial development of products and activities in oil and gas field of activity

You wish to extend your market in the oil and gas sector ? Develop your commercial presence internationally ?

Do not take any risk ! There is so much competition in the Oil and gas sector. This requires a global knowledge of the market and its environment (economical, political, legislative, cultural, …)

Thanks to our experience of the subject and to our international network, we can help you reaching new markets, by measuring the stakes, the risks and the benefits

Take advantage of the experience of a reliable support in your project of international commercial development.
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